Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jason's Gay Pray Q and A

Jason's Gay Pray Q and A

Is there such thing as a "gay demon" like some claim?

Yes. But there are more straight demons then gay demons! Just as a lesbian or gay person can serve God, they have the same choices that straight people do to open themselves up to the demonic realm.

Even if there are demonic spirits that are familiar with LGBT people, that does not mean that demons are what make people gay.

I believe that the kingdom of darkness preys on the weak, and whenever there is an oppressed group of people there is hurt. Where there is hurt, there are opportunities for the demonic to use those hurts to hurt others and ultimately attempt to mess up God’s kingdom on earth.

Can you pray the gay away?

You can pray away lust for the same gender if that is taking you away from your relationship with Christ, but you cannot pray away something that is a part of you.

Can God make a gay person straight?

Yes, God can. The question is whether God is willing, not able.

Can LGBT people receive answered prayers the same way other people of faith can?

Absolutely. However, those of us who went through years of anti-gay beliefs need to deal with these issues because they can easily hinder our faith.

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