Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank You

For the last two years since I started the Gay Prayer Resource, I admit my personal life of prayer suffered. Although I pray over all prayer requests, even sometimes the illegitimate ones (sometimes I get some joke prayer requests... GLBT Christians are a double whammy of what many like to make fun of) I have not "prayed through" like I envisioned. There are some that I have prayed for that I sense the Holy Spirit leading me to send a specific word of encouragement to and others its just nice to know someone cares. Most requests do get sent to a private forum on my favorite Christian community site, the Gay Christian Network. They have a message board called "Help, Prayers, & Support" and members all over the world log on regularly to see who they can pray for and encourage. There are some men and women that seem to respond to just about everyone's posts, and they even post religious pictures and quotes.

I thank God for this web community and I know that I would not have fulfilled what God called me to do in this prayer outreach if it were not for the prayers of these special LGBT intercessors. I also have asked my church, friends and others I know at times to pray for the needs of those who contact the Prayer Resource. So far, I have had responses from as far as the middle east to Japan. So far, this is the only web community and site that specifically deals with prayer in the greater lesbian and gay community.

If not for the Gay Prayer Resource, there are some that may not have found a way to get prayer from gay affirming Christians. Many are afraid to ask for prayer from those who take an anti gay position because they usually get responses that include extremest advice about their identity. If someone is willing to search long enough and wait to get accepted in private prayer forums like the one on the Gay Christian Network, I am sure they will find what they are looking for, like me when I was coming out of the closet in 2006.

Thanks also to all of my members, I know I should e-mail more announcements, but I know how folks get tired of e-newsletters all the time. Big thanks to GCN! You guys are such a blessing,


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