Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Tour

I need your prayers and encouragement

I hope to do some touring this Summer, playing in clubs and churches. I have had thousands of hits on my music pages and have gotten some gigs as a result. In the late 90's and early 2000's I took some road trips staying with folks I knew through various contacts around the West and in Alaska. This time, I hope to focus on the West coast from Central CA to the Seattle area; then to make my way back to Ohio through northern states.


Even though I am now more aware of my mental health and have more treatment and coping skills, I still feel insecure about taking such a trip; things can be so tough for me because of this condition. I did recently get on disability, and am waiting for the rest of the paperwork and the medicare and income to take effect.

For those people of faith who believe in what I do, please pray for direction for me. My faith has been at some all time lows lately and I have been really discouraged about moving on with creative work and volunteering. I am getting over a painful breakup and I am also getting out of a stressful living situation.


My current art exhibit is soon to be over and my paintings, along with most of my stuff and studio equipment should be in storage in SE Ohio. I am over half way through my second full length pop/rock CD, and due to some setbacks and some really badly sounding drum tracks, I have put some of that stuff on hold. I still have almost half of my 2007 CD being played on the Bear Radio Network, but I stopped marketing those songs online, and downloads have been down lately. Finishing up another film/video class in June... I hope to get an HD camera to get some better footage for my documentary project on this trip as well.

I will be using my old Kentucky address for my trip and my cell number should stay the same. My target date to fly from Columbus, Ohio to Portland, Oregon is June 28th, 2009. I am hoping my disability back-pay will come in at a reasonable time as well as favor with venues and places to crash that don't irritate me too badly (those of you who tour know what I am talking about!) Many small churches and venues only plan out a few months in advance, so I hope I am not too late to get a some gigs.

Thank you all who take interest in my work,

Jason Ingram
Logan, OH

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