Monday, November 21, 2016

Those Of Us That Don't Seem To Agree With Anyone

Those Of Us That Don't Seem To Agree With Anyone

Here are some thoughts from an ancient guru that lives on the top of Mt. Everest:

There are those who see the glass as half empty, and those who see it half full

There are those who believe the earth is flat and those who believe it is round

Then, there are a few of us who don't seem to agree with anyone

We see the glass as completely full (half full of air and half full of liquid) - the glass is always full of some kind of mass unless it’s in a total vacuum

But, what about the earth being neither flat nor round?

I believe the earth is bumpy!

What’s the sound of one hand clapping? It sounds like a sarcastic applause, but worse! It’s one hand clapping on an old flabby bare belly

Liberals seem to uphold new ideas to replace the old ones with that no longer work for a changing world

Conservatives seem to uphold traditional ideas above new ones

Why don't we just sit them down and find out about all the new ideas that work, and the old ideas that still apply, and find a lot of stuff to agree on? 

Then, the ancient guru looked at me and said:

The reason why people sin so much is that there are too many of them

What does that mean? So many sins listed? Or, maybe the guru just needs to find wifi up there so he can tweet this stuff and reply to comments

I’m climbing down this mountain

I prefer places that have a little more atmosphere…

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