Saturday, November 19, 2016

What the Trump?

What the Trump? How the fuck did this happen? Who saw this coming?

I hang around mostly liberals, and although I'm the one who's supposed to be mentally ill, I feel more sane than most of them this month. It's not fair. I'm supposed to be the crazy one. I do think I have some ideas and perspectives that people should consider. I keep hearing "why?" - I asked this question Winter of 2016 and came up with this public prediction in an article I published:

Bernie Supporter Predicts Trump Winning the Election

Here's me (non-stop) talking about further explanations of why this happened:

Ex-Fundamentalist Reveals The Connection Between Trump and the Bible

Here's a little something I made for my more conservative republican peeps that follow one of my blogs:

Here's another attempt at some creative activism on social media - this was my profile picture for a while:

There were several things that made me feel that Trump was going to win. I met a homeless Trump supporter. I've met minorities, veterans, even gays that were supporting his campaign. The following clip that I found on facebook that was posted over a year before the election was what first caught my attention. When someone wins the Religious Right, they get millions of votes. The following video reminds me of the kinds of preachers I used to work with. If this was fifteen years earlier, when I was one of them, I actually would have supported Mr. Trump. That's how I was back then. That's how most of these people function. Check this out, it's bizarre:

Do I have a right to ego trip because I saw this coming when none of my peers did? Grin. Let's understand the Far Right. Hopefully, I'll help bring some understanding, and that my background as a preacher can help me give some alternative ideas because of some of the weird shit I've done in my life.

Please friends, don't lose hope

Me, poking fun in Rural Southwestern Washington State

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