Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Church Without Worship Services

The following is a piece I wrote for a creative writing class I took earlier this year. I thought it would be interesting to bring this crazy idea up to a meeting last week about starting new worship services in my area and I dropped this "bomb" to see what people thought. It was a trip, but I hope it gets us to think. I have noticed that the gay church community loves our pageants we call church. We are so prone to be all about show. We love religion and liturgy maybe a little too much. The following is a reaction to these ideas...

A Church Without Services

What would church be like if there were no worship services?

We would save lots of money not having to buy pews and that nice burgundy carpet

Nobody to fuss about whether the sound is too loud or too quiet

No stained glass - no need for candles and incense

We could save funds on not having to buy sound equipment

We could save several hours a week and spend that time giving love to others

No need for fancy suits and dresses

Your "Sunday best" will only be a matter of the heart

No one to fight over how our meetings should go

No one to disagree with the theology of the messages

No endless announcements about bake sales and bowling leagues

No one complaining about giving their money

A listener would replace a preacher

A love letter would replace a weekly bulletin

We could weep with those who weep,

Instead of the mourners hiding their tears in the back row

Instead of passing the plate,

We would put food on it for those in need

Instead of hymnals and bibles in the pews

There would be rejoicing in the streets

Instead of lighting a flame, we could ignite hearts

Instead of singing we could serve

Instead of a pulpit, there would be purpose

Instead of a steeple, there will be love - love for everyone

So if loving people is loving God, and loving God is worship

To serve others is to serve God, and a church without worship services are worship services indeed

So, we suppose a service is not such a bad thing

But to simply serve, is truly divine.


Pastor Chris said...

I totally get the heart behind what you are saying here. Good stuff. I'd like to talk more about how to incorporate the heart of what you are saying even if we still do worship services of some sort.

Jason said...

Thank you Pastor Chris

I like your comment and I am glad you see where I am coming from

I want to post what I wrote earlier to you today, I think it may help others understand my heart...

"Don't worry, I am not trying to kill anything, just getting folks to think! Its just that I have been tired of church lately and am restless and hungry to see something more. I have been searching my heart to make sure I don't get all proud of my views and try to get on the same page as everyone else. Please realize that I came from over a decade of a lot of intense revival and renewal meetings, many on a consistent basis, and since coming out, I have experienced very little of the manifest presence of God in LGBT affirming meetings. If we end up not doing holy roller meetings, that's cool, I can find that in prayer and other special meetings. My goal is to see the needs of people met, and that vision I think we all share..."

Blessings and bear hugz,